Specialty Respiratory

Integrated Specialty Respiratory

Integrated provides specialty medical equipment and clinical services to help treat and manage patients with Chronic Respiratory Failure, Neuromuscular Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, advanced stages of restrictive lung disease, and many other respiratory diseases and disorders. Our products and services include non-invasive ventilation, cough assist/mechanical insufflator, specialty vests/high frequency chest wall oscillators, tracheostomy care units, nebulizers, pulse oximetry, spirometry, and CO2 monitoring.

Integrated utilizes advanced disease management programs for many of these respiratory patients, that applies detailed care plan logics and protocols to manage, support, and oversee the chronic/complex patient. This program significantly improves respiratory health, health outcomes, and events of hospital readmissions. Additionally, the program collects and tabulates all patient data and information on an ongoing basis that provides outcome data related to readmission, well-being, compliance, and contact. This info is available and can be provided per patient or by patient population.

Improve Quality of Life – Decrease Readmission Rates

Integrated population management/disease management program works closely with hospitals and insurance companies to decrease readmissions.

In 2012 over 1 million COPD patients were admitted to US Hospitals for acute respiratory exacerbation. Additionally, hospital readmissions for COPD within 30 days occur in 23% of the cases(US National Average). Strong medical evidence supports and Integrated’s outcomes support that a comprehensive multifaceted intervention involving proper identification and designation of patients, and a RT-Led respiratory care provider and care plan management leads to significant reduction in re-hospitalization.

Integrated is outperforming the national average by more than 50%. National average 23% – Integrated 11.3%.

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